Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today was my first (full) day in our home without my buddy. Blessedly I have had things to do to keep me occupied. Unlike yesterday, when he left at 10 and I retired to the bed until 7. No, it's fine. Today's adventures included working out (thanks Jill and Barbara!), riding my bike to Cheever's to celebrate my mother's birthday- is it terrible I don't know how old she is? yes?- and then a girl's (again with my mother) trip to the OCMA to see the Sketch to Screen exhibit. My buddy and I had plans to date night it to that, but he decided that instead he would get a job and move to Ohio!

That wasn't bitter, truly, just funny. In a million years I would have never imagined this to be part of my life.

So, starting this week I am packing up the contents of the manse, after some intense photo sessions, and waiting none too patiently for the phone call to let me know he found a house.

I feel terrible, my buddy has to work a full day, at a new job no less, and then dedicate what few daylight hours he has remaining to finding us a house. But, the minute he does I can move all of our worldly possessions and our four-footeds up there and we can start this next grand adventure!

We have looked at several houses online via craigslist (which is full of jerks trying to rip off your identity and steal all of your money- all the while posting pictures of really cute houses to lure you in) and of course one, none jerky listing, has fully captured my heart. To the point that I would pay more rent than they are asking just so we could guarantee that we get it. It is in Akron in the Highland Square area. Quarter sawn oak floors, leaded glass windows, surrounding a brick fireplace? Be still my heart.

Despite my visceral reaction to this house and longing to live in Highland Square, I am more than content to let my buddy have carte blanche when picking our semi-temporary home. He, of course, is drawn to the finished basements/attics, a term which here reads, home theatre room, with an eye to hardwood floors. I however can be swayed by something as simple as a built in hutch in the beamed ceiling dining room.

Regardless of where we end up physically, it will be the most amazing home in Ohio because our furry family will be there together. While obviously I don't want to leave my family, friends, manse or OKC, if I am being fully honest, I am really excited to have this time to do something totally out of character, for both of us, while we have the ability to do so. Once it is done, we will come home and settle in to real life, but for now, we will embark on some version of Eat, Pray, Love- with an obvious concentration of eating and loving!


  1. I didn't know you were moving!!! Will you teach up there? What an exciting new journey you guys have ahead of you!

  2. just found out last week, i hope to teach...fingers crossed!

  3. Fingers crossed here too! Congrats to your buddy on his new job. :)