Sunday, January 23, 2011

Total Devastation

I finally, finally, finally got some film for my new toy and much anticipated Christmas present (thanks buddy!), just in time for a sunny day in Ohio. I didn't know this before I got here, so I shall assume that you don't either, sun is about as elusive as a decent radio station in Ohio, that is to say pretty hard to find.

I was amped, we were headed to Hudson for the day, the most beautiful and fabulous small-ish town in the world (little to no research has been done to back up that statement, but it is really epic, you'll just have to trust me).

Now, Holgas are "toy" cameras, they aren't fancy, they are cheap and plastic and faulty by nature. That's the charm of it, the imperfection and inconsistency in production allow light leaks, which in turn make for unique and unexpected photos. Knowing that, my first roll of film was just to see what my Holga did, how it reacted, what it made.

Would that I had pictures to show you. But, I don't. Not one. Total devastation.

When I showed up at Walgreens (don't judge me, I've been here for less than six months, I have yet to look for/find an independent and local photography store) there was a crowd (3) of employees surrounding the photo processing machine, one of whom was on the phone with tech support. Well, needless to say that wasn't a good sign.

My negatives were all but white.

Nothing could be done with them. Total devastation.

Several forum pages later I now know that I have joined the ranks of amateur photographers that have enjoyed the heartbreak and letdown that the Holga offers. I am armed with information and comfort that many/most people have useless rolls of film compliments of that temperamental master called Holga.

There isn't much sun in my immediate future, but when it returns I shall try again.

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