Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Amish" Friendship Bread

I got a bag of "Amish" Friendship Bread starter, note the quotations...the recipe calls for a box of vanilla instant pudding, me thinks that is not super Amish.

Regardless, I was super excited to play with my living starter-and super nervous. I found a blog all about the bread with loads and loads of questions that the moderator answered. 4 years worth of questions about this bread!

I was really interested in finding a savory version of the recipe, I'm not a huge cakey-sweet eater, and was super amped to find a cheesy option! Basically you subbed out the sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla for cheddar and some more flour. Served with marinara sauce= yum!

I did a great job keeping my starter alive, squishing my bag, feeding it mid-week and de-airing my bag. Tonight however was baking night. EEK! I'm a horrendous baker. Like terrible. I have actually made inedible break-n-bake cookies. How does that even work? Part of my problem is my inherent inability to follow instructions. With cooking it isn't that big of a deal, but in baking, that is a no-no.

So I did two things that were not on the recipe. 1) I used applesauce instead of oil. It called for 1 CUP of oil. Sweet dear baby Jesus, no sir. The blog said that the applesauce switch was perfectly fine. We'll see. 2) I did not use 2 loaf pans. I don't have 2 loaf pans. Instead I used a bundt pan. As a result I had my bread in the oven for almost 2 hours instead of the one...

SO nervous. I don't mess up many things when I'm cooking. I had an incident with some shrimp I didn't devein, some fried chicken that was super salty and then my disastrous attempt at ravioli; but overall I'm a pretty decent cook. Baking however is not my forte (pronounced fort or four NOT for-tay) and I'm wicked nervous about this.

We'll know how it went in 5 minutes. It'll be time to slice and taste. Fingers crossed.


  1. Well.... how'd it turn out? I'm a TERRIBLE baker too, we should really hang out more and cook for each other more often while I'm still around.

  2. I hate this stuff. People give it to you. And then you leave it on the counter and forget to squish it for a couple of days. And then you remember. And then you wonder if it is too late to add the stuff you have to add on day 5. And then when you are all done, you still have to find 4 friends to pass it off to. And then they feel obligated to squish and run to the store to buy pudding. But that's just me. I'm sure yours turned out wonderfully.

  3. it was terrible. inedible actually. and then i was saddled with what felt like one million bags of starter. i ended up giving them people with the instruction to throw it away immediately, if they were so inclined, because i couldn't. blah.