Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To the Fullest

My buddy and I have been given this opportunity to live elsewhere for a year and I, quite frankly, am super amped about it. We've decided that we are going to take full advantage of this opportunity and experience all that Ohio has to offer.

Our immediate agenda includes staying up to watch for Aurora Borealis tonight (thank you solar flares!) and an Avett Brothers concert this Friday in Cleveland.

Long term plans include Cedar Point Amusement Park (#1 on several theme park ranking lists), the Pro-Football Hall of Fame, the A Christmas Story house (which b t dub Randy is guiding tours through August, as well as hosting dinners at a Chinese restaurant!), a tour of Amish country, more than a few jaunts to featured/revered restaurants, the river tour in the Falls, as well as a hike through the Falls' gorge.


  1. Be careful around The Christmas Story house. That neighborhood is pretty tough.

  2. and a quick easy drive to the best neighborhood in NYC - carroll gardens!