Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Snow

First of all, Oklahoma weather, you are taking it too far. We get it. You are mercurial, unpredictable, and ever-changing, trust me we know. Enough already. It was 70 yesterday, I had the back door open so the four-footed ones could come and go at their leisure, today we have forced Pan into a hoodie and Mali has been holed up in the dog house and refusing to hang out in the climate controlled interior that we are enjoying.

That said I love that we are cool again because I can justify making myself some potato soup! I'm really excited for what is on the menu today. We started with venison breakfast burritos, we are going to have wings and potato skins for lunch and then some shrimp pasta* for dinner. *I'm going to try spaghetti squash instead of pasta with mine. I'm more than a little nervous about that. I'm not too sure when I plan on eating my soup, but I'll figure it out.

The countdown is on! 20+ days until we get to bring Augie home. I'm excited and more than a little nervous. It has been a long time since I have potty trained a puppy, and I'm freaking out about the sleeping situation. Pan, the most spoiled creature to have walked the planet, sleeps under the covers with us. Augie, however, will be way to big for that kind of sleep situation when she grows up, so starting her on the bed seems like a bad idea...

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