Friday, March 26, 2010

Thunder Up!

I heart our basketball team. When the Hornets were here I was a fan, I still hang my Hornet Christmas ornament on the tree every year. That said, the fan-dom I exhibited for the Hornets pales in comparison for my obsession with the Thunder.

To be fair, I love the team a lot. Russell and I had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory last month. (okay, he came in by himself and sat at the round top facing our booth) James Harden, Thabo Sefalosha, Jeff Green and of course Kevin Durant are all delightful.

They are super fun to watch (thanks Mother for the tickets) and have had an unbelievably hot season.

But, that is not why I am super stalker-friendly for the Thunder. I have three words for you: Rumble the Bison. His Teenwolf-ness is nostalgia inducing, his dancing is super impressive. His obvious sense of humor and charisma are so charming and winning.

I want Rumble to by my boyfriend.

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