Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two Socks Like a Little Indian

Two Socks is the best good girl dog ever. I got her in October 2001 and night one she had me calling my mother in tears/laughter. That little red dog had been laying on my leg and blegh, yacked all over me. I was wearing linen pants and had no idea what to do to clean it appropriately.

Thus began my life with that little lady.

We lived in a tiny little apartment (360 sq feet), and then a few years later a tiny little house (900 sq feet) and the last couple of years of her life we were in a palatial home together. No matter what house we were in she was the best companion one could ask for.

She didn't bark very much, but when she did it was tough getting her to settle back down! All or nothing was that little lady. Not much of a barker, but she did have a yodel/dying goat scream that she unleashed when she thought she was being treated unfairly. If her brother got to go on a walk and she didn't (it is hard to walk 2 dogs at once...) this horrendous, unearthly squeal/whine/cry would ring out. Poor miserable, mistreated little girl.

She loved to eat, and had a big palate. Veggies and fruits were her friends, and she loved to get down on a bone. I mean seriously, those compressed rawhides were gone with the quickness in her jaws. Her other great love in life was sleeping. Just like her mom, she was a napper. And we did quite a bit of it in our time together.

She was practically perfect in every way. I miss her every day.

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